How to have effective confrontations

Learning to have difficult conversations and effective confrontations is critical in order to ensure success and the continuation of it, in all areas of life.  Effective confrontations can allow you to solve deeper underlying problems and prevent others from happening.

Committing yourself to consistency

Consistency is absolutely paramount in order for you to arrive at your desired destination. Consistency will give you the ability to remain focused and passionate about your goals despite the obstacles and difficulties you may find along the way. 

Who is influencing you?

When was the last time you took a deep look at the people that influence your decisions, thoughts, words, and actions? It is important to keep an inventory of those people, places, and things that influence you, who do they inspire you to be, and what effect have they had on your life?  Nurture those […]

Don’t be limited by the perception of someone’s opinion of you

Often times we put a lot of emphasis and importance on the opinion of others of who we are. This focus and power that we place in the hands of others can be detrimental and limiting for us. Strive to define yourself and actively search internally for your inner self’s opinion of you and not the limited perspective […]

Holistic Mental Health for children and their families

Mental health is a very important element and factor to pay close attention to, especially in recent years. Host Marleny Cruz is accompanied by special guest Dr. Nicole Beurkens, licensed clinical psychologist and nutrition specialist, to speak about holistic mental health for children and their families.

Develop the ability to transcend the suffering in your life

Life can be very difficult at times, suffering and pain are unwanted visitors that threaten to take our peace and stability away. At the same time, suffering and pain are a normal part of life that we have to learn to live with and to trascent it in order to allow it to make us stronger […]

“Indecision is the thief of opportunity” Jim Rohn

Indecision can cause a lot of wasted time, anxiety and stress, which in the end,  can sabotage our ability to succeed. Learn about the things you can do to not allow Indecision to be the thief of the opportunities that may come your way.