The Power of Passion & Direction

There are a few key skills and abilities that are at the top of the list of those that reach outstanding achievements. Passion and Direction

The art of Appreciation ~ The Currency of Success

The word appreciation has two meanings: to be thankful and to increase in value over time. Gratitude leads to increased happiness, which leads to motivation and drive to achieve your goals. Appreciation is the currency of success. The more you appreciate life, the more your happiness and productivity appreciates over time. If you want to […]

Honoring the Law of Reciprocity

The law of reciprocation “has to do with the universal tendency in human beings to feel compelled to repay or reciprocate when given a gift whether it has come in the form of a material object, a kind deed, or an act of generosity. There is a strong impulse in people from all cultures to […]

Respect vs Attention

It seems like today, people seek attention more than anything else. However, respect is much more precious than attention. Any kind of relationship that is built with respect has a guarantee of lasting longer. Tune in to learn about the difference between respect and attention.

Fame vs Influence

While fame can produce a level of influence on others, it is not necessary to be famous in order to be influential. Fame is more related to how many know of you while influence is measured more in terms of the ability you have to impact other people’s lives. Tune in to find out how […]

Are you consciously living?

Are you consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously living? Are you fully aware of the whys of your thoughts and actions, do you live your life on autopilot or do you live your life through other people’s thoughts, views, and opinions? Tune in to know the difference between conscious, subconscious, and unconscious and how you can balance […]

Discover the Hero Inside of you

There is a Hero inside of you, the best version of you that can save you, guide you, and transform your life for the better. Being your own hero means showing yourself real love by developing yourself, your skills, abilities, and talents. Tune in to learn how you can stay true to yourself and commit […]

Supporting our Youth

Lucero Lopez and Alison Lopez are incredibly talented young adults that identify themselves as the “Sister Power”, they are a part of a band called “The New Generation Power”. They have a passion for life and love to support and help educate other young adults. Both Lucero and Alison are proud of their Peruvian background, […]

Perseverance~ the key to success

Perseverance and persistence are equally crucial in the work required to succeed in anything you set your mind to, especially in business. Perseverance enhances your commitment to your goal and intensifies your motivation level. Tune in to learn why perseverance is the key to success.