Buying Investment properties

 In this episode, you will learn all about buying investment properties. How to find good ones and which ones to avoid. Join Marleny Cruz and Jeff Hoebee

Mortgage programs for self-employed people

Special guest Michael Fairbanks spoke about the different programs for mortgages for self-employed people and those who can’t show their income.  Michael Fairbanks helps mortgage

Home maintenance and inspections that will save you time and money

We will be joined by America’s Favorite Home Inspector, Bill VanTassel and we will dive into what every homeowner needs to do in the fall to make sure everything is ready for the Fall and Winter. We will explore all the items you as homeowners need to do to avoid costly repairs because of poor […]

A guide to come owners insurance

Homeowners insurance is a financial protection that should be shopped every year to maximize the ultimate coverage at the best premium available. Our Special guest, John Wilkens, a second-generation insurance agent, will teach you all you need to know about homeowners insurance, and how to make sure you have the proper coverage for cheaper. Join […]

Renting VS Buying a home

This show will dive into the conversation of renting versus buying a home. With all the factors being discussed on Sundays show. If you have a friend or family member thinking of renting or continuing to rent, this will deliver the truth!