Building Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking teaches you how to define and analyze problems, helps you develop the ability to make very strong and persuasive arguments based on logic and evidence. Critical thinking will enable you to better express your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Learning Critical Thinking skills can also enhance your academic performance and fosters creativity and out-of-the-box […]

Let your Necessities Birth New Inventions

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a well-known proverb. It means that the primary driving force for most new inventions is a need. When the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it.Tune in to find out how you can turn your necessities into inventions that […]

When to “Go with the flow” & when to go against it

Most of us have heard the saying “Go with the flow” before, it implies one should adopt a relaxed attitude and let life carry one along. It often encourages people not to waste energy and fight against society, but rather to accept things as they are and just go along with them. It is easy […]

Becoming a Productivity Master

Productivity could be defined as the ability to acquire the maximum benefit and results in minimum time or the effectiveness of productive efforts. The level of productivity you master in your life is the most fundamental and important factor in determining your living standards. Tune in to learn how you can master your productivity.  Attachments area

Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking is a very common phobia. Some individuals may feel a slight nervousness at the very thought of public speaking, while others experience full-on panic and fear. There are ways to overcome the fear of public speaking, be sure to tune in to find out. 

The skill of confidence

Confidence helps us be ready for life’s challenges. When we’re confident, we’re more likely to move forward with people and opportunities. Confidence allows us to communicate more effectively, speak with more clarity, and helps us covey what we want in a more effective manner. Tune in to hear more about the importance of confidence. 

The Skill of Focus

Focus is an essential thinking skill that allows us to finish the tasks at hand without procrastination and helps us maintain attention and effort until the task is complete. Focus allows us to pay attention and not allow distractions to set us back. Tune in to learn tips on how to maintain focus.